Arnold Schwarzenegger Calls Out Today’s Bodybuilders; Says Nobody Wants To Look Like Them

Arnold Schwarzenegger Bodybuilding Talk

You the man Arnie.

Speaking at the recent Arnold Classic 2015, Arnold Schwarzenegger decided to call out the bodybuilders of today for being unhealthy and sick and not trying to achieve the perfect body like he did, but instead pumping themselves full of crap and trying to be as big as possible. Instead of looking good, they end up looking completely gross and usually end up dying or at least facing severe health risks because of their obsession with size.

It’s not good basically, and if you look through this gallery of synthol freaks then you would probably be inclined to agree with him. Having said that, most professional bodybuilders (including Arnold Schwarzenegger) look kinda gross and messed up anyway, but it’s true that the discipline is moving into scary new territory with the advent of substances like synthol and it’s great that Arnie is trying to make a stand against this kind of stuff. If only people would listen.

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