The Arkansas Government Made An Advert About A Drug Dealer To Encourage People To Get Vaxxed

At this point, it seems like every government in the world is doing everything they can to encourage people to get vaccinated, but this also seems kinda pointless as I don’t really think anyone can say anything to those guys that are refusing to get one because they’ve done their own research (YouTube videos) and decided that the vaccine is just a method of control or something.

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Those in power are still going to persist with their attempts to try and convince the doubters though and this has led to the Arkansas government releasing the following PSA featuring a guy with some dubious sounding work credentials. He basically introduces himself as ‘a legit entrepreneur’ who ‘sells things’ and whose income was  ‘brought to a screeching halt by the pandemic’ and is now back ‘hitting the street’ and ‘meeting a lot of people’ which is why he’s decided that it’s necessary for him to get double vaxxed.

Any guesses what he might do for a job? Take a look at the video and see what you think:


Any ideas? Obviously everyone is saying that because of the way he’s being so unspecific about everything and all the phrases that he’s putting out there – and although I hate to say it, probably because he’s black as well –  that he must be a drug dealer:

I guess all those people do kind of have a point don’t they? Would it have been so hard for this guy to say that he sold vacuum cleaners or paint or skateboards or something?

Props to Arkansas for releasing such a progressive and inclusive advert. Hopefully all the crackheads in the state will go get their shots now. That must be the market they’re targeting.

For more of the same, check out this drug dealer’s t shirt that made it unbelievably easy for the cops to catch him. What an idiot.


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