Ariana Grande Attempts To Fix Botched Tattoo, It Now Says ‘Japanese BBQ Finger’

Tattoo artists can’t stop trolling Ariana Grande.

If you hadn’t heard, Ariana Grande got a tattoo on her palm recently that was supposed to read “7 rings” in Kanji… but instead translated to “Small Charcoal Grill”. Lol.

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Have a look:

Naturally Ariana went to another tattoo artist to get the tattoo fixed, and somehow has ended up with an even worse botch job that now reads “Japanese BBQ Finger”.

Laugh out loud funny that she thought she was ‘fixing’ her tattoo and just wound up getting another BBQ-themed tattoo. What a disaster. Might as well take it as a sign and create some kind of BBQ brand at this point. The craziest part is she’d make millions, easy.

Anyway, probably best Ariana take a break from the tattoo life for a while. Or at least stick to tattoos that are in a language she understands.

Somehow not the dumbest tattoo we’ve featured this week – that would belong to this Gemma Collins superfan. Wow.


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