Area 51 Researcher Reveals Deathbed Confession About The US Government Working With Aliens

Boyd Bushman

Could this ageing Area 51 researching be speaking the truth? If so, woah…

It’s definitely a minority of people who believe that the rumours about Area 51 are true – the type of person who might also, say, have a soft spot for leather trousers and introversion, or hemp trousers and jobseeker’s allowance. The lack of hard evidence, coupled with the enormity of the assertions mean that basically any rational person finds it hard to accept their possibility. Personally I’d call myself ‘agnostic’ about Area 51 – willing to be humoured, not about to get the tin foil hat out. So I found the deathbed testimonial of Lockheed Martin scientist, Boyd Bushman, kind of interesting.

Boyd Bushman was a senior research engineer at Skunkworks – the giant, windowless facility at the heart of Lockheed’s shadowy empire – a place where they pipe white noise through the corridors so that high level conversations can’t be intercepted by Russian and Chinese spies. He is widely credited with inventing the Stinger missile, and listening to him speak you can tell that he is both sane, and very intelligent – albeit so old that he sort of resembles Quaid from Total Recall, or Moleman from the Simpsons. Cute and old as he is, he talks of a world that belongs in the sci-fi section of the book store – and very pulpy sci-fi at that. In the talk, he asserts that aliens have been working with Americans in New Mexico for decades – that they are 4-5 feet tall, can communicate telepathically with the scientists, and have given the US huge amounts of technology which will never see the light of day, and is far beyond what we currently know about or possess on a consumer level. He says UFOs regularly land in Area 51, coming in through a hollow mountain – and that their craft can travel from earth to their planet – Quintumnia, 68 light years away – in just 45 minutes. Lockheed Martin has successfully reverse engineered a flying saucer using anti-gravity – although dozens of researchers have been killed trying to achieve this.

What makes this slightly more creditable is the mass of pictures the guy has, loosely strewn all around him on his couch, supposedly taken by disposable cameras which the US gave not just to the scientists but also the aliens – so there are some really nice pics of Jupiter which the aliens snapped on their way back to earth.  As well as closeups of flying saucers, scientists in hazmat suits, and dead aliens. Of course we’re not expected to believe that aliens were up in their spacecraft with a little Kodak disposable… however, if it is a lie, it’s a bloody elaborate one for a geriatric scientist to come up with, one month before his death.

The clip below is worth a proper watch if you’re cooking dinner or fancy getting high to something:

And if you want to stay on this subject and get really mindfucked, here’s a labour councilor from Whitby who claims to have been serially abducted by aliens from the age of 2 onwards, and has a soul that can inhabit both human and alien bodies.  It’s quite a story.


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