Could You Take On The 2ft Wide Fry Up Breakfast Challenge?



Every city has its local fry up challenge. The fry up is our national cuisine and gorging ourselves while hungover is our favourite past time, so it makes sense that the two are combined.

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One café in Somerset has taken this idea to the next level. The Treats Café in Weston-super-Mare is offering a gut-busting breakfast that fills a 2ft wide silver platter.

Probably one of the biggest challenges this country has to offer, it’s no wonder that diners are struggling to finish it. All in all, the dish includes 43 portions of fry up items (sausages, eggs, mushrooms, bacon, toast, beans, black pudding and tomatoes), with a total of 4,000 calories. Here’s the full run down:


4 x white toast

4 x fried bread

6 x bacon

6 x sausages

6 x eggs

6 x hash browns

4 x black puddings

2 x bubble and squeak

2 x large spoons of sauteed mushrooms

2 x large spoons of baked beans

2 x fresh tomatoes

2 large spoons of tinned tomatoes

Mug of tea or coffee

It would take one long gym stint to work that off.

If anyone’s up to the challenge, then head on down to Weston-super-Mare. And it won’t even break the bank – £13.95 for the whole thing. Or free if you can finish it in an hour (fat chance). So far only one person out of 60 has managed to complete it. James ‘Terminator’ Cox took just 36 minutes and 21 seconds to polish off the mammoth meal back in November. With a name like that I’d expect nothing less.

For less appetising fry up moments, watch this dad chow down on his wife’s placenta with his breakfast. Grim.



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