Apple Is Officially Developing The iRing — Apparently The Ultimate In Remote Controls

Apple reckon they’re really onto something here.

After the majorly underwhelming reveal of their brand spanking new pencil the other month, Apple have just published a patent for a device that might be entirely unnecessary but at least is kind of inventive — the iRing.

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They suggest it will be able to help you control other linked up devices, track your hand motions while writing, listen to voice dictation, and other cool stuff. Based on the patent drawings, the ring will be worn on your index finger and you’d use your thumb to navigate on the surface of the ring’s side or face. No word on whether it will have a touchscreen itself.



So just to be clear, they’ve patented the iRing but have yet to confirm what it will be able to do — but it will probably allow you to control connected devices, dictate messages, and vibrate for notifications/alerts.

Is it just another completely needless invention like the iWatch though? I mean obviously we could all live without it but at the same time, at least you’ll never lose the iRing or have to go looking for it the way you do pretty much every other Apple device. This one stays locked on your finger so you literally do not have to get up off the couch to control your TV or music or any other device around the house. Could turn out to be very useful for all the lazy bastards out there.

Just don’t go hiding it in your girlfriend’s Big Mac – that could go very wrong indeed.


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