Apparently You’re More Likely To Orgasm If You Keep Your Socks On


Top tip for tonight.

Having sex is great and we all know that, but it can often be frustrating for everyone involved if one person is unable to orgasm. Well, it turns out that this might be because you’re taking all your clothes off and you shouldn’t be. Who would have thought it?

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A study over at the University Of Groningen has discovered that both men and women are more likely to climax during sexual intercourse if they keep their socks on during it. The university scanned the brains of 13 men and 11 women during sex acts and 80% of them were able to come if they had socks on. If they were bare foot, then only 50% of them could get there.

Professor Gert Holstege explained why this might be the case:


If you are fearful, it is very hard to have sex. It’s very hard to let go.

When you want to make love to a woman, you must give her the feeling of being protected.

If she keeps her socks on, then it’s easy for her to relax and feel sexy.

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Is it? I mean I suppose they’re scientists so they’ve tested it profusely but that sounds kind of weird to me? Any girls want to let me know what they think about it?

In any case, whilst that’s a fairly interesting result, I kind of feel like the sample size is a little small to be presenting this as absolute fact at this point, don’t you? Still, might as well give it a shot tonight if you get lucky, and tell your partner to do the same. You never know, it could be the start of a beautiful relationship.

For some more dumb sex tips, check out what Cosmopolitan was saying earlier this year. Absolutely awful advice.


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