Aphex Twin Is About To Drop A New EP Called ‘Cheetah’

Come to daddy.

Probably one of the most exciting pieces of music-related news has just dropped – Aphex Twin appears to be releasing a new EP, after advertisements were circulated around record shops in the UK.

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We don’t have an official release date or track list as of yet, but we do know that it’s called ‘Cheetah’. The ad read:

To assure you that your ‘Cheetah EP’ will give you many years of enjoyment, please be sure to read your users’ manual carefully before attempting to operate the ‘Cheetah EP.’

We sincerely hope that, having battled through the programming of the ‘Cheetah EP’, you have now become familiar with the exceptional potential of the record.

This is obviously very exciting news and it certainly looks like the release is imminent. Now we just need to keep an eye out for when it finally drops because we can always depend on Aphex Twin (real name Richard James) to pump out decent tunes. His last couple of projects include the ‘Marchromt30a Edit 2B 96’ single in 2015 and his EP ‘Computer Controlled Acoustic Instruments Pt2’.

For more on Aphex Twin, check out this recording which merges all of his songs into one audio file.


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