Antifa Activists Beat The Absolute Shit Out Of Gay Asian Journalist For Filming Them (VIDEO)

This is screwed up.

Antifa describe themselves as an activist group focused on fighting far-right and white supremacist ideologies, but it seems they have evolved into something of a far left gang of masked thugs who will happily beat the shit out of anyone whose views are not in direct correlation with their own. 

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This past weekend at one of their rallies, they came armed with combat gloves, baseball bats and milkshakes mixed with quick-dry cement just in case they came across anyone who they deemed to be fascist (i.e. anyone who doesn’t think like them).

Unfortunately for gay, mild-mannered, moderate conservative Vietnamese journalist Andy Ngo, he found himself in their crossfire:

And afterwards:

Andy ended up in hospital with a brain bleed, but thankfully he’ll be OK.

Antifa were also filmed attacking this old man and another guy that came to his aid – watch how his head splits wide open:

Brutal stuff. I don’t really see how this sort of behaviour helps their cause as it just ends up making them look like the fascists TBH. Imagine violently assaulting people to that degree just because they disagree with your political views. It’s like they literally are what they claim to be fighting against. 

Here’s everyone that was arrested following the event – get a load of these mugs:

On the other end of the spectrum, here’s the moment a Nazi got punched in the face while giving a Nazi salute. Beautiful.


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