Anti Vaxxers Are Disgusted After Elmo Got A Covid-19 Vaccination On ‘Sesame Street’

Here we go again.

I didn’t realise that people still cared about people getting vaccinated or not getting vaccinated – it seems like enough people have done it now so the virus is nowhere near as much of a problem as it was a couple of years ago – but it seems like anti vaxxers still get take any opportunity they can get to let their opinions be known.

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Weirdly this time they’ve decided to target Sesame Street after the show depicted Elmo getting a COVID-19 vaccination. It’s also really strange that the show would do this now – although I guess it’s because some people in America are still on the fence about it and maybe it’s still affecting stuff over there? – but the real story here is the anti vaxxers going crazy on Twitter about it.

Get a load of this:

*OK so I just found out they’re pushing this because children under six are now allowed and encouraged to be vaccinated under new government law over in the US

Jesus, won’t these guys ever give it a rest? Not really sure how commenting on Twitter is gonna help their cause, but I suppose well all know by now that they absolutely love leaving angry comments?

Controversially, I think I might actually agree with them for once though. I’m fairly certain that COVID hasn’t affected children as much as adults during the pandemic and even if it has, the virus doesn’t seem to be as much of a problem as it has been in the past. Natural and herd immunity has been building up too, so it probably makes some sense to not inject your children with the vaccine at this point as they’re still developing and are more likely to face problems than adults.

So yeah, maybe wait until they’re grown up and see what happens. No need for any of the weird rhetoric that we’ve seen above though. Not really helping anyone coming across like that.

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