Anti Vaxxer Novak Djokovic Has Tested Positive For Coronavirus After Organising Tennis Tournament


There are so many contenders for number one bonehead of the week/day these days, but Novak Djokovic has to be up there after he revealed he was an anti-vaxxer and then pressed ahead with organising a tennis tournament where three players and now Novak himself have all tested positive for Coronavirus.

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Novak revealed the news in a recently released statement, saying the following:

I mean you can’t really look past how naive the guy was to pretty much disregard all medical advice on the pandemic and organise a tennis tournament, refuse to take any medication and refuse to adhere to social distancing guidelines and expect a result different to this one. He really should be using his platform in a better way, but hopefully they act that he’s contracted Coronavirus will at least serve as a warning to other people who are thinking doing other activities like this are a good idea.

Hopefully Novak and his family are OK and nobody else who was infected ends up dying or spreading the virus to anyone who might end up dead. Feel like that’s probably a bit optimistic of me though.

For more of the same, check out Djoko’s original statement on being an anti vaxxer. Dumbass.


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