Anti Vaccine Passport Protesters Have Stormed ITN Studios And Google

These guys just don’t stop.

It was only a couple of weeks ago that a bunch of protesters stormed the BBC offices – or what used to be the BBC offices – to sound off about vaccine passports and censorship and whatever else was pissing them off that day and now they’re back at it again, this time targeting the ITN/ITV studios in London.

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It’s estimated that about 200 people have marched on the studios but don’t seem to have been able to get in and are now standing outside and shouting at the police and officials that have been stationed in front of the building. You can check out some footage of that below or if you’re really lucky tune into a live stream depending where a bunch of people argue with each other and don’t really achieve/actually say anything.

Here’s what one of the protesters yelled through a megaphone as well:

We’re just a group of men. Some of us have nearly lost our lives due to the pandemic, some of us have children and are worried about their kids, and some of us have just had enough.

[…] If anyone’s seen the film Wolf of Wall Street, ‘we’re not f*cking leaving’.

The government are trying to control us, divide us, and make us feel minute.

Yeah I don’t know if you had the ‘pleasure’ of watching the live stream but it really was pathetic and just featured a bunch of people halfheartedly shouting to get the Google executives to come down and talk to them about their list of demands and why they’re censoring them or pushing bad information about the pandemic and vaccines or whatever. Hope they get someone down and got the video evidence of them handing their list of demands to these higher ups because it seemed like they were pretty desperate to do that. Can’t wait to see how it pans out for them.

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