Unreal Video Of Anti-Vaccine Nurse ‘Proving’ That Vaccines Turn People Into Magnets

When’s the asteroid coming?

There’s no shortage of COVID vaccine conspiracy theories out there, but one which I hadn’t heard about and may actually be the craziest one of all is the idea that vaccines turn people into magnets.

Amazingly, this nurse over in Ohio actually had the balls to get up on a podium in front of a state legislative committee and try to demonstrate this theory as fact. It didn’t quite go to plan…

Amazing. The way her demonstration completely flopped and she then had the guts to ask everyone with a straight face if they had any questions was just A+. Her whole vibe was “see? I told you so” despite nothing sticking to her neck.

In fairness, it did start off quite well for her and she probably felt like a genius at this point…

Unfortunately for her the key failed to stick anywhere else on her body and you realise the initial success was probably to do with the fact it’s hot as hell in Ohio right now and her chest is probably super sticky all the time.

Not to mention, most modern keys are not even magnetic.

These faces said it all…

It’s no wonder there are so few good comedy shows around these days when modern life is just infinitely funnier than anything any screenwriter could ever dream up. We as humans are just so unbelievably dumb it’s unreal. This is a nurse FFS! A nurse who took a vaccine and now thinks she’s magnetic and is sticking keys to her neck to prove to everyone else that they’re the idiots.

Let’s hope this person isn’t allowed to handle needles.

To watch a dude launch his bike through the window of a COVID denier’s car, click HERE. Classic.


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