Watch This Dude Launch His Bike Through The Window Of A COVID Denier’s Car

Someone had to shut this guy up.

The longer this pandemic goes on, the more anti-vaxers, anti-maskers and COVID-deniers we seem to be getting. Likewise – the patience of everyday folk having to listen to these people condescend and patronise them in the streets is wearing rather thin.

One COVID denier who took to the streets with his megaphone to preach out of his car window found this out the hard way:

Welp, clearly that seems to have done little to deter him as he just keeps waffling on despite being attacked with a whole damn bicycle and covered in broken glass, so you have to respect that dedication on some level at least.

Of course COVID-deniers and the like should be free to say what they think just like the rest of us, but you’re hardly going to win over hearts and minds by rolling around and telling people they’re brainwashed while you’re the only intelligent one who knows what’s really going on, are you? Just not really an ideal tactic if you’re serious about winning people over. I’d say ‘lesson learnt’ but it’s pretty clear no one learnt anything from this.

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