Anti Police Protesters Are Now Attacking A Fictional German Shepherd On ‘Paw Patrol’

So stupid.

The Black Lives Matter movement has dominated the conversation in the past couple of weeks and however you feel about it, I think that this latest tangent where a character from children’s TV show ‘Paw Patrol’ is the latest to be targeted.

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‘Paw Patrol’ expressed its solidarity with those pushing for black voices to be heard at the beginning of the movement, but were immediately met with some comments calling for the dismissal of Chase, the German Shepherd that is tasked with keeping the peace in Adventure Bay. Although a lot of these were pretty tongue in cheek, the movement seems to have gathered some pace over the last couple of weeks – here’s a selection of some of the best tweets:

The ultimate result of all this talk was that a segment about the movement ran on Fox News and then a number of Conservative pundits started voicing their support for a cartoon dog:

Lol. Normally I would say how the hell has it come to the point where serious people have to go on television and talk about cartoon dogs who have been targeted by political activists, but in 2020 I’m not even surprised slightly. What’s next, I’m ready.

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