BLM Protester Put On The Most Aggressive Twerking Display In History For Police (NSFW)

If this doesn’t end racism, nothing will.

If there’s one thing that should replace rioting and looting and all the other unfortunate byproducts of the Black Lives Matter movement around the world, it’s violently twerking your butt off in front of police while everyone around you goes crazy with encouragement.

Don’t forget to give your vagina a good slap as part of the routine as well – watch and learn:

Goodness gracious! What a display! And so much less dangerous than rioting, fighting and vandalising. It’s basically the unifying moment the world was waiting for. Honestly I was half expecting a police officer to taser her right in the butt given the current climate but I think they were all legitimately enjoying the show. Would have been great if the cops started pulling up chairs and throwing dollar bills at her as well.

Was kinda hoping the bottom mask would be pulled off as well at the end of the video but come to think of it… maybe it’s better that didn’t happen. After all our kids will probably be studying in this clip in a 2020 history class someday. Sigh…

To watch a stripper fall 15 feet, break her jaw, and carry on twerking like nothing happened, click HERE. What a soldier.


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