Another TikToker Has Put Gorilla Glue In Her Hair And Been Forced To Go To The Hospital

What an idiot.

I said this last week, but whenever someone does something on the internet these days – especially if it’s a woman – then there’s always a bunch of people lining up to explain how it didn’t happen and it seems like last week’s incident with the gorilla glue is no exception.

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Some guy already screwed himself by gluing a cup to his face with the stuff and now another woman has decided to put some in her hair, despite all the trouble that Tessica Brown was having last week, I guess to try and prove that her problems with it weren’t actually real? Avani Reyes of course decided to document the entire experience via her TikTok account and ended up having pretty much the same experience as Brown, eventually having to visit the hospital because her scalp was burning from the glue.

Much like Brown, she tried to use olive oil, coconut oil and a bunch of other hair products in an effort to remove it, but absolutely nothing works and she’s now worried that she’ll require surgery to get the stuff off. What the hell did she think was going to happen here, considering this is almost the exact same story as Tessica’s and the exact same reason that she went viral? The level of ignorance/stupidity is dumbfounding.

@avanireyes♬ original sound – Avani

@avanireyes♬ original sound – Avani


♬ original sound – Avani

@avanireyes♬ original sound – Avani

Yeah, I don’t really have a lot of sympathy for this woman seeing as we’ve seen the exact same situation play out not even a week earlier. In fact, I think she’s a grade A moron.

Hopefully these two incidents are enough to make people stop putting Gorilla Glue in their hair now, although I fear that somebody is probably going to try glueing their eyelids shut or their asshole shut or something this week and it’s not going to turn out well. 2021 baby, get ready.

For more of the same, check out this picture of the guy who stuck the cup to his face. Another idiot.


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