Another Day, Another Politician Completely Ballsing Up Live On TV


Yeah, blame it autocue.

It’s all too easy when you’re speaking sometimes to get your words jumbled up and say something that you don’t actually mean and end up looking really stupid. But for most of us this is a problem that probably isn’t going to haunt us for the rest of our lives.

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Unfortunately, the same probably can’t be said of Welsh Conservative Party leader Andrew Davies, who was speaking in Birmingham this morning at the Conservative Party Conference. When bringing up the topic of Brexit, he stated that the party would definitely make it a success, that they would make ‘breakfast’ a success. Oops:

Yeah that’s embarrassing dude, especially when you look like you enjoy a good Full English – see what I did there? First Boris Johnson called Africa a country and now this? Politicians just can’t seem to get it right these days.

Following on from his gaffe, Davies had the following to say:

That’s one word that wasn’t meant to come out like that was it. I’ll have a word with the autocue at the back.

Yeah sure, laugh it off for now buddy. That’s probably not going to stop people asking you how your breakfast was everywhere you go for the rest of your life though – unlucky.

If you’re still worried about Brexit, maybe check out this article that reckons it will never happen because it’s way too complicated. Here’s hoping.


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