Looks Like Brexit Will Never Actually Happen Because It’s Too Complicated


No shit.

Following the absolute mess that the country was left in a couple of months ago after we decided to leave the European Union, nobody actually seems any wiser to just exactly how we’re going to do this.

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And it turns out that it might not actually happen, at least if the opinion of Thom Brooks, head of Law at the University of Durham and the man who advised the Electoral Commission on the wording of the referendum question, is to be believed:

Leading Brexiteers were not aware of how difficult it was, in legal terms, to untangle the UK from the EU. It seems like the closer the government looks at what is involved, then the less likely they are going to be jumping ship.

There is a 42 year evolving legal relationship that is not so easy to unpick. It is an absolutely massive task.

Theresa May

I expect Theresa May will have Boris and other Brexiteers submit a plan for a second referendum.

This will be presented as the government’s best efforts to honour the previous referendum result – however far short it may fall of Britain leaving the EU altogether.

This second referendum will either see Britain changing its mind on Brexit or voting for something other than a full withdrawal.

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Well, here’s hoping I suppose. I imagine it will take about three years to actually happen though and whatever the result, at least 50% of the country is going to be unhappy about it, whilst the economy and strength of the pound and who knows what continues to decline. Swell.

If there was any good news to come from Brexit, at least ‘Game Of Thrones’ won’t be affected by it.


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