Anonymous: The Interview


We made contact with a member of the famous web collective Anonymous to hear how they plan to change the world.

SC: I heard you mention robots. I love robots and I definitely want to hear your take on that and how do they fit in here?

AS: Here’s the deal. There is two valid functions that money serves. The first of course is the accounting of energy which was scarce when we first started accounting for our energy. The second is to get people to do things that we need done, but no one wants to do them. Beyond those two points there’s really nothing that’s a valid use for the money. If you’re exchanging the money ethically; no problems with money. Money itself is not the problem, it served some good purposes. Like I said its got dangers that we can get rid of.

So at any rate, with the second one, we need things done and nobody wants to do them. We are already putting robots in places where no one really wanted to do that job. They wanted a JOB because they needed the accounting tokens to put food on the table, but they didn’t want to do that work. Nobody thought, “Gee, you know, sitting on an assembly line is what I was born to be.” Nobody goes there, but they need a job and now the robots are doing all the work, because no one really wants to do the work. What if we said, “Hey we need this. Anyone want to do it?”

If no one stands up and says “I’d love to!” then lets build a robot for it. Approach it in that fashion. A lot of people who are afraid of robots is because they fear competition for the jobs. If we have the jobs covered, you don’t have to do anything and you can still have the abundance of the planet. Live as richly as you want. There’s no theft in the robots.

I’ve been talking to someone who wants to go back to free markets. He is very set on free markets. But no  matter what, with the system we have in place with corporations running things, as long as there’s money which gives a corporation its raison d’etre. You will not see any major changes. You will see some set backs here and set backs there, in general things will just keep marching in that direction. So take away their reason to be. Take it away! It’s money! Legally if you look at what every corporation’s only purpose is, is to get profits for the share holders, the end!

That would include all our governments. City, state, country, virtually the planet over. Just get rid of the reason and that puts power back in the people’s hand to make the decisions. ‘Cause right now their doing things for corporate reasons. And corporations keep them from being personally accountable and when you get into the abundance paradigm you wind up with everyone being personally accountable for the behaviour you choose.

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