Anonymous: The Interview


We made contact with a member of the famous web collective Anonymous to hear how they plan to change the world.

We made contact with a member of the famous web collective, Anonymous. What they had to say about their ideas on changing the world are both new and interesting. Whether or not these ideas ever come to pass or hold value is up to the people of the world. Lets dive in shall we?

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Sick Chirpse: Thank you for taking the time out to do this, we definitely appreciate it.

Amaterasu Solar: Absolutely! My goal is to get the information out there.

SC: So you’re a member of Anonymous. What made you join their cyber ranks? What motivated you?

AS: Well, when I first encountered the concept of Anonymous and realised that anyone could offer ideas up… I thought to myself. Hey! Okay! The ideas are what I’m out to bring attention to, not me. So I said to myself, ‘that works too,’ because I don’t want it to be about me. I want people to think about the ideas. So Anonymous is awesome for that type of thing.

SC: We have seen a lot of their work, leaks, and cyber vigilantism in the press lately. Obviously being a global collective, with no leader, everyone has their own ideas, where do you draw the line on their operations? What do you feel is going too far? Like DDoS? Or DoXing?

AS: Well, I’m going to say that I have problems when there is action taken that is unethical. And then the question becomes each situation; where do the ethic lie here? And if there is somebody that has been caught red handed and people are putting out information about them. I don’t think there’s a problem ethically there because what I’m trying to work towards is getting people able to input into the problems they care about. As opposed to watching while the elected people deal with it. I can’t say that overall there is one answer to any of those. As each problem arises, the ethics should be examined.

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