Anonymous Posted Donald Trump’s Phone Number And Social Security Info Online

It’s begun.

The other day Anonymous announced they had a special April Fools Day surprise coming up for Donald Trump, and I guess they want to get things warmed up because last night they released phone numbers and a Social Security number allegedly belonging to him:

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This also comes shortly after the group declared ‘total war’ on Trump in this freaky YouTube video.


Not just a bunch of scary computer voices eh? Anonymous actually pulled through on this one. Well, kind of, because this is probably nothing more than a minor inconvenience for Trump. Still getting the guy’s phone number and social security info is no small feat.

What’s really going to be interesting is the next step these hackers take. I mean if you’ve got the man’s phone number and social security info, you can’t be too far off the really juicy stuff can you? Something to do with this maybe?

The American Politics version of the Fappening? Can’t wait.


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