Viewers Are Upset That The First ‘Curvy’ Love Island Contestant Isn’t Curvy Enough

What is curvy?

There’s a lot of focus on ‘body diversity’ these days. Most people realise that everybody is different and ideally they’d be represented as equally as possible on TV, but when it comes to a TV show like ‘Love Island’ the show is unsurprisingly dominated by people who are more, shall we say, ‘beach body ready’.

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Well some people aren’t really happy about that and are voicing their displeasure at the 2019 Love Island line-up. Anna Vakili, 28, is flaunted as the show’s first ever ‘curvy’ female contestant, but some viewers don’t really think she’s all that curvy.

What do you think?

I’d probably class that as ‘curvy’ but then what do I know? Here’s what others think:

I think what this shows is that people are probably too obsessed with each other’s bodies in 2019. It’s just not really worth getting wound up about body diversity on Love Island when there are so many other things to get wound up about.

Maybe they could do an all plus-size version of Love Island and compare ratings for each show? You never know, could be a hit. Especially if you invite this ‘plus size’ model from Colombia.


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