25 Amazing Close Up Photos Of Animals’ Eyes




Cows can’t move their eyes in their sockets, but thanks to their ingenious lateral pupil they can pretty much see all the way round anyway so they couldn’t care less. Because their left and right visual fields only overlap a tiny bit at the front they’ve got rubbish 3D skills and can be clumsy as a bugger. Also, cows can see most colours apart from red.

Eyes - Close Up Photos - Suren Manvelyan - Cow

Fennec Fox

The Fennec fox is a compact and dashingly cute desert dwelling fox with massive ears. I once had one of these guys thrust into my lap by a Bedouin whilst I was having an asthma attack in the back of a horse drawn cart in the Sahara desert. That’s actually a true story believe it or not. I don’t hold it against the fox though.

Eyes - Close Up Photos - Suren Manvelyan - Fennec Fox

Gecko Eublepharis (Leopard Gecko)

These geckos can shrink their pupils to a narrow zig-zagged slit to protect the retina from bright desert sun; their colour vision is about 350 times better than ours. Imagine what the 80’s looked like to them!?

Eyes - Close Up Photos - Suren Manvelyan - Gecko Eublepharis

Gecko Tokay

These geckos get their name from their call, they sound like someone shouting “tokay”. I once stayed in a hut where there was one of these 30cm long buggers living in the toilet. I was petrified of it, but it was completely unphased by me.

Eyes - Close Up Photos - Suren Manvelyan - Gecko Tokay


Hippos can see under water a treat, and they have a see through membrane to protect their eyes from underwater debris.

Eyes - Close Up Photos - Suren Manvelyan - Hippo

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