Footage Of Animal Rights Activists Taking A Homeless Man’s Dog Off Him Is Absolutely Heartbreaking

I can’t believe these people are actually getting away with this.

This video taken in Paris shows the moment a homeless man is left helpless as a bunch of animal rights activists take his puppy away.

He’s seen crying while trying to get his dog back, and has the support of at least one woman who quite rightly tells the activists “you don’t have the right to do this.”

A man named Nghi Le Duc, who filmed the footage, said the activists from Cause Animale Nord acted “violently” and “mercilessly”:

The activists themselves defended their actions by claiming the homeless man had drugged the dog, which they could tell because the dog had dilated pupils. Sounds unlikely IMO.

The person had thrown himself to the ground, crushing the puppy. The puppy was stunned, had dilated pupils and was staggering around. We took (the dog) away from a Roma who was using it for begging. The police don’t do anything, we act.

They also added that the dog was not vaccinated or chipped, which is a legal requirement in France. Even if that’s true these scumbags have no right whatsoever to effectively assault and steal from this poor dude who’s just lost probably his only friend and the one thing that makes being homeless bearable for him. Would that dog have a better quality of life with a family that has a roof over their heads? Probably. But there is just no way what’s happening in that video is acceptable.


The puppy has now been put up for adoption for €175 (£128), while a petition on calling to investigate the activists has reached 150,000+ signatures (sign it here).

Come on Cause Animale Nord, stick to terrorising Kim Kardashian at her book signings instead of picking on some poor homeless guy on the streets.


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