New Footage + Ending Of Angry Short Man Going Ballistic In Bagel Shop (VIDEO)

I feel bad for this guy.

Yesterday we shared a video of the angriest man in the world going ballistic in a bagel shop over the fact that no woman wants to date him because he’s 5 foot tall.

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Here’s a reminder:

Well it turns out more than one person had their smartphones out during this guy’s outburst and someone caught what happened after the little guy was wrestled to the ground:

Ouch. You can actually see the moment his soul gets cut in half when that woman starts cackling at him.

The first 100 times I watched the original video I thought it was laugh out loud funny but now I just feel bad for the guy. Although I have to admit it was pretty funny the way he went back to get his bagel after making a big show of dumping it on the floor and leaving without it.

As unpleasant as this guy is though he obviously lives a very miserable life so let’s hope he finds what he needs to become a better and happier person, or just someone who doesn’t throw misogynistic fits in bagel shops in the middle of the morning.

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