Angry Mum Confronts ‘Son’s Bully’ And Threatens To Rip His Face Off (VIDEO)

He won’t be messing with her son ever again.

What would you do if your child was being bullied and seemingly receiving no assistance from his school, his peers, the police, or anyone at all?

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This London mum officially reached the end of her tether when her son kept coming back from school in tears, and so confronted his bully to warn him off touching her son ever again.

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Well that was pretty terrifying. The good news is though… I think it worked? I really don’t think this bully will be messing with her son ever again after that. The little prick sounds like he’s pooped his pants by the end of the video and cannot wait for this lady to get away from him.

No idea that this bully actually did to his victim but if what it takes for him to feel safe in school is his mum turning into the incredible Hulk and threatening to rip his bully’s face off (and the bully’s entire family’s faces off too), then that’s an A+ mum doing what she has to do to protect her child. Mum goals indeed.

For the kid who beat the living daylights out of his two bullies because they kept saying he looks like Harry Potter, click HERE. No mums necessary on that occasion.


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