Kid Beats Living Daylights Out Of Two Girls After They Call Him Harry Potter

Check out the devastating damage this kid did to these two girls after they repeatedly called him ‘Harry Potter’.

19-year-old Ryan Walker beat the living daylights out of two girls — aged 15 and 16 — after they repeatedly called him Harry Potter while loitering outside his home.

Ryan stabbed one of the girls in the face and delivered a flurry of offense to the other one, knocking her to the ground and bashing her head into a fence while screaming “Die! Die!”

The girls had made a habit of sitting on the steps outside Ryan’s Southampton home and winding him up. Eventually he decided enough is enough and dumped a milk bottle full of water over their heads. When that didn’t shut them up, he came back outside with a vegetable knife and walked to a local park, knowing that the girls would follow him.

Once there he carried out his very un-Harry Potter like attack. He was jailed for 4 years for wounding with intent and possessing a bladed article.

Here’s the damage:


Will these girls be calling him Harry Potter again when he’s out? Probably not.

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