Angry Man Slaps Burger King Employee (VIDEO)


The male equivalent of a Karen (Kevin?) has absolutely violated a Burger King employee over in the States this week after not only screaming in his face and threatening to call the police, but taking it to the next level with a devastating slap while said employee was mid-sentence.

Witness the shocking scene unfold:

“Uh sir you are on camera right n…” SLAP! Absolute violation. Hey buddy ever heard of asking to speak to the manager like a proper Karen? Pissed off psycho slapped this poor kid so hard his glasses looked like they evaporated off his face. Then again he probably would have slapped the manager and all. Check out the look of absolute disbelief on the poor lad’s face afterwards:

What exactly was this lunatic mad about? It’s hard to say. Something about a McDonald’s employee in jail for the rest of their lives over something that I’m sure he hasn’t overreacted to in the slightest, even before he slapped that poor kid. If there’s any justice in the world Kevin will do a few weeks in jail and after that get some community service cleaning the grease traps at Burger King.

For the man who literally tried to murder a Burger King employee because he was unhappy with his milkshake, click HERE.


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