VIDEO: Lynx Vocals Are Out Of This World

Lynx are pretty majestic looking creatures, but no one knows quite what to make of the sounds that come out of their mouths.

I’m no lynx expert, but this video is pretty interesting. Looks like the two lynx ran into each other and are basically holding their ground, except after the first minute they continue to just stand there moaning at each other. At a couple of points it almost sounds like one’s trying to match the other’s pitch and what’s more impressive is that they aren’t distracted by that oaf with a flashlight. The comments are convinced they’re talking to each other, but I just don’t know. Based on my brief Youtube searches, I found lynx generally making these noises when they’re pissed. Although maybe any noise they make sounds this hilarious:

[yframe url=’’]

If you’re interested, some other pissed off Lynx videos:

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