Man Loses Game Of FIFA, Leaves His Opponent The Angriest Voice Note Ever

This is absolutely perfect.

Losing at FIFA can be a supremely frustrating experience, as evidenced by this kid who literally launched his PS4 out of the window after conceding a late goal to his mate.

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A dude named Elliot Hackney has come through with another fine example of people taking their gaming way too seriously, sharing this voice note he was left after beating a total stranger on FIFA.

Elliot set the scene (as told to Mashable):

I was losing 2-1 and this guy had been speaking down the microphone all game. Just along the lines of ‘yeahhh have that’ and ‘tell your mum how crap you are’.

Then I scored 2 very late goals in the 90th minute to win 3-2, so I grabbed my headphones and laughed hysterically down them.

Then this happened:

Not happy is he? The scary thing is he actually sounds like he legit wants to slice Elliot up for beating him 3-2 at FIFA. I get that playing FIFA can be an intense experience but come on man. Hopefully he hears himself going viral and realises what a twat he’s being.

And just in case you’re a bit FIFA-obsessed, better heed this guy’s warning.


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