Andrew Tate’s Lawyer Says That His Detention In Romania Violates International Law



We haven’t been hearing too much from Andrew Tate and his cronies over the last couple of weeks, but now his lawyer has come out and claimed that his detention in Romania violates international law.

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Tina Glandian is represtening Tate and has operated as the lawyer for a number of high profile problematic people in the past few years including Kesha, Chris Brown, Jussie Smollett and Mike Tyson. Seems like she’s got a monopoly on these kinds of cases hey?

Anyway, Glandian was talking to Piers Morgan on his TalkTV show (always find it so funny that he isn’t actually on GB News) when she said the following:

The brothers are both very strong, they’re resilient and they’re holding up, but obviously, the conditions are not good.

They’re in a Romanian jail cell and they’ve been detained for a very lengthy period at this point.

They have limited access to their attorneys. It’s not a good condition for them.

They’re controversial public figures but that’s not a crime and at this point we have not been provided any proof that they’ve committed any crimes nor have they even been charged so I would ask that people presume them innocent as they are.

There’s a presumption of innocence every accused has, and that attaches from the time you’re even charged.

And here we’re not even there, they haven’t even charged them with crimes.

So any sort of comments as to their alleged dangerousness, there’s no, there’s no evidence of that.

There isn’t even a presumption of that.

They need to be presumed innocent and that hasn’t happened in this case. There’s really a lack of evidence, and they are being detained unlawfully at this point.

Yeah I’m no fan of the Tate brothers, but what she’s saying there does seem to make sense as I don’t think you can really hold anyone without charging them for that long in most developed countries in the world, although I’m no expert on every country’s legal system either. I think that this is par for the course in Romania, but such a high profile case might draw attention to these legal practices that aren’t exactly the most democratic, especially if the Tate brothers don’t even end up being charged. Stay tuned.

For more of the same, check out this video from Andrew Tate’s ‘best friend’ explaining what’s really going on in Romania. Do you believe him?



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