This Comedian Just Told The Best Donald Trump Joke Ever (VIDEO)


I’ve never heard of comedian Andrew Schulz before (sue me) but boy is he funny. He seems to be quite edgy and joke about things that will annoy the “snowflakes” and PC-minded people, but he’s also really bloody funny, and isn’t that the point?

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Check out this routine he did on Donald Trump the other day:

Great stuff. You think it’s going to be a giant car crash from how he sets it up but it’s just really funny. It’s like he’s being offensive without actually offending anyone. I mean I’m sure someone’s going to be offended because someone always is, but if you can’t laugh at difficult or tricky subjects in life then IMO you’re in for a tough ride. I’ll be surprised if this guy doesn’t break out with his own Netflix special especially if he keeps bringing jokes like these.

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