Comedian Bobby Lee Tells Hilarious Story About A Five Way With White Supremacist Girls In Vegas

Bobby Lee

This couldn’t have gone any more wrong.

Everyone has got a whole bunch of sex stories that are absolutely hilarious but they just can’t share with other people because they’re too embarrassing. Fortunately, we’ve got stand up comedians to fill in the blanks for us.

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The latest one to offer us such a story is Bobby Lee. It revolves around one of his early gigs in Las Vegas when he ended up in an orgy with two other comedians and a couple of white supremacists. It doesn’t end well, but it’s probably best for you to find that out on your own by listening to it.

Might be an idea to use headphones for this one if you’re at work:

What a fantastic storyteller eh? It’s not like the story is even THAT good but it’s just some of the great incidental lines he throws in like ‘I’m gonna give him a purple heart’ or ‘it was like Liberace’s ghost’. Excellent punchline too. The wild things you get up to when you’re a stand up comedian eh?

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