An ISIS Militant Held A Q&A Session On Tumblr And It Was Weird



An ISIS militant named Israfil Yilmaz, a 28-year-old Dutch citizen of Turkish descent, held an online Q&A with the public on Tumblr.

Israfil said he left a career in the Royal Netherlands Army in 2013 to join the extremist group fighting to topple Bashar al-Assad. During the Q&A, his answers were intriguing when they weren’t totally disturbing.

You might think Tumblr is a bit arty/alternative for ISIS, but Israfil only started documenting his life in ISIS on Tumblr because he was banned from Twitter, Instagram and, due to a crack down on extremists by social media sites thanks in part to Anonymous. Israfil’s Tumblr has since been removed too.

Interspersed between answers, Israfil posted photos of his baby son, and internet-friendly propaganda images of Isis fighters cuddling kittens with accompanying captions such as this:

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is kittens

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Some of the questions were personal. When asked if he missed his mother, he replied:

At times, yes.

Others were practical:

I’ve heard that you’re not allowed to use Apple products, iPhones etc?

Israfil replied:

This is true, I had to sell my wife’s iPhone.

Someone even asked:

Isn’t Tumblr haram [sinful] by the way?

To which Israfil replied:

If you’re on Tumblr (or any other social media outlet) for the wrong reasons, and use it to please your desires and other unlawful things, of course, but that goes for many other things.

is baby

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But other than these relatively mundane views, some of Israfil’s responses were incredibly dark — and a clear cut reminder of the brutal regime and warped worldview the group upholds.

For example, he joked about gay men deserving to be thrown off a high building, and defended the large scale rape and torture of Yazidi women and young girls.

is qa

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He also defended last week’s terror attacks in Paris which killed 130 people — referencing the bombing of ISIS settlements by the French Air Force:

Would I make a big deal out of it if Isis declared war on Iceland, and Iceland started attacking us?

Of course not. That’s life in the big city, you can’t just declare war on the Muslims (kill their women and children) and expect to be left alone even though you might reside somewhere far away.

That’s something everybody understands right?

Whichever way he wishes to spin it, ISIS are in for a rough time following the recent declaration of war by Anonymous and heavy hitters such as China, no matter what they say. Besides, Muslims are the ones suffering at the hands of ISIS the most.



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