This Group Of Mates Staged A Mock Funeral For Their Friend Because He Spends All His Time With His Girlfriend

Remind you of anyone?

A group of 50 ‘mourners’ attended a fake funeral for their friend who they’ve barely seen for 18 months now since he met his girlfriend.

Apparently 20 year old Keiran Cable was the life of the party back in the day, but since deciding to spend all his time with his girlfriend, 19 year old Jess Ferguson, it’s like the old Keiran literally died.


Girlfriend Jess insists he can go out “whenever he likes”, and on one rare occasion he did head out to the pub to watch the rugby at his local in Treorchy, South Wales, he walked in on his own funeral/wake which his boys had expertly prepared.

They organised a vicar, coffin and hearse as well as producing an entire service with personalised hymns to celebrate Kieran’s life.

Kiran Jess

His mate Ben said:

None of us had seen him since then and he wasn’t replying to any of our group texts or mails. A couple of weeks ago we were all in the pub and we all started saying ‘RIP Keiran’. So we decided if he wasn’t going to come out with us and was going to pretend he was dead then we’d organise a funeral for him.



What an awesome idea. This is obviously something that happens within every group of friends — one of you gets a girlfriend and pretty much vanishes off the face of the Earth. When you do see your friends again they eviscerate you with jokes about being pussy-whipped and that just pushes you further away from them until you’re chilling with your girlfriend 24/7. Sure you might feel like a shitty friend in the beginning but then you realise you’re the only one with a stable relationship getting regular sex so you stop caring pretty quickly what others think.

But now surely when Jess hears about this mock funeral Kieran’s mates threw for him, he’ll never be allowed to hang out with them ever again? It’s one thing cracking ‘RIP Kieran’ jokes, it’s quite another literally making a big song and dance about it, where you’re essentially blaming his girlfriend for killing the man he was. Maybe it’ll result in Kieran and Jess breaking up and Kieran returning to the pub to hang out with his buddies?

Definitely sound like the kind of boys who would do this to you on your stag-do.


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