The USA Just Ruined North Korea’s Xmas With This Announcement

Kim’s not gonna be too happy with this announcement regarding ‘The Interview’.

Sony Pictures has announced that The Interview will be released on Christmas Day after all — in limited theatres only. There’s also rumours they’ll soon announce a video-on-demand release.

This massive U-turn comes a week after North Korea threatened a terrorist attack on cinemas that opted to screen the movie, with certain cinemas now announcing Sony has authorised them to go ahead and show it.

Surely this news has completely wrecked Christmas dinner over at Kim Jong-un’s place, but time will tell if Sony and/or America will pay for it. Once Kim realises that he actually helped promote the movie to the point where it’s probably going to do some freak Avatar numbers it will probably add some more fuel to the fire.

Turns out Sony aren’t such cowards after all — although maybe it was that cartoonist’s drawing that got under their skin?


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