Amazon Delivery Man Pooped In Customer’s Drive Then Used ‘You Were Out’ Cards To Wipe

Delivery’s here!

An Amazon customer got a rather nasty surprise from their delivery guy recently.

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Rather than receiving their package, they were presented with literal human excrement on their front path, allegedly left there by their driver. 45-year-old Andrew Wingrave said his 14-year-old son saw the man squatting on the drive.

The whole thing was even caught on their CCTV camera fitted outside their home in Romford.


Andrew said:

My 14-year-old son Mason came home from school to see the Amazon guy squatting on our drive.

He did a poo into a bag, wiped with orange calling cards, then drove off leaving his special delivery for all to see.

I was appalled and presumed it was a wind up. It’s unbelievable. I lost a kidney through a cancer battle.

What if I contracted hepatitis C from the driver through an infection? His actions could have killed me.

Poo bagPoo bag 1Death by poo – how sh***y would that be? Apparently two Amazon employees were sent round to clean the mess up and now the company is investigating the incident. Meanwhile, when Andrew finally received the package he was supposed to get in the first place, he said:

I’m just delighted it wasn’t another turd.

Lol. We would be too Andrew. I just want to know what the hell that Amazon driver was playing at. He was in a car – surely if he needed to poop that bad he could’ve stopped off at the petrol station or something?

Perhaps this is more evidence of Amazon not paying their drivers enough. Last year a story came out claiming that the delivery guys were getting paid so little that they’d resorted to defecating in their vans. It looks like this situation has overflowed into driveways now too.


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