Shocking New Game: ‘Knockout’ Being Played For Fun By New Jersey Teens

New Jersey scumbags are playing a shocking new game in which they knock out complete strangers for fun.

Who remembers Happy Slaps? What a cute little game that was, right? Teens going up to people on the street or sleeping on the bus, hitting record on the camera phone, and WHACK — happy slap to the unsuspecting stranger. Oh those were the days.

Nowadays happy slaps has evolved into something just as reprehensible but even more sickening. These Jersey City kids are going around knocking strangers out for fun.

I know every teenager goes through their rebellious phase but this is ridiculous. I was no angel at that age either but walking around the street knocking random people out for fucking “fun” is one of the most messed up things I’ve ever seen.

Let’s hope one day these kids try it on the wrong person and learn first hand why this is not a way to behave.

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