This Amazon Delivery Driver’s Reaction To Being Left Snacks Is Actually Amazing

More people should do this.

If you think about it, delivery drivers like the ones who work for Amazon are more like Santa Claus than Santa himself. They’re the ones checking our orders and bringing them to us every Christmas in the freezing cold.

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That’s why it was genuinely heartwarming to see this clip of an Amazon delivery driver over in Middletown, Delaware as he discovers the homeowner likes to leave out a sweet stash of treats for delivery drivers to help themselves to:

Big up homeowner Kathy Ouma for sharing the footage – that’s how you inspire people to do nice things. I mean who doesn’t want a delivery driver crip-walking on their patio out of sheer joy? His pure happiness and appreciation at having something to munch on for the rest of his journey is enough to put a smile on anyone’s face.

Hopefully this catches on and becomes a thing and we get more videos like this. Let’s feed these delivery drivers’ mouths with some tasty treats. Well, except for this Uber driver who was busted eating a customer’s chips. Outrageous behaviour.

[h/t MailOnline]


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