Watch This Amazon Delivery Driver’s Day Go From Bad To Worse During Home Delivery

That’s gotta hurt.

What’s worse than being an Amazon delivery driver and inadvertently flashing your butt crack on a customer’s Ring cam while dropping off a package?

How about busting your ass falling down the stairs on the way back to your van:

Wow, the poor guy literally landed in the L position. That’s how big of an L he just took. I’m not even sure how the hell he managed to fall sideways like that? Typically when people slip down some icy steps they either fall forwards or flat on their back/ass. How did he managed to fall on his side? Don’t see that too often in my experience.

My only complaint is that the video was a bit too short. Could have left it running a little longer so we could hear the guy struggling to get the air back into his lungs. Like this Internet Classic:

For the Amazon delivery driver caught shitting in someone’s garden over in Nottingham, click HERE.


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