Amanda Knox Faces Backlash After Making A Bad Murder Joke About The US Election


Whether you believe she’s guilty of the murder of Meredith Kercher or not, I think it’s safe to say that Amanda Knox has always been a bit of an oddball.

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Apparently this extends to cracking jokes about her time in Italy while commenting on the potential outcome of the US Presidential election:

Ha! Good one, Amanda. It’s funny because she spent 4 years in an Italian prison following her (wrongful?) conviction for the 2007 murder of Meredith Kercher, a fellow exchange student who shared her apartment, and that was a really bad time for her, if you can believe it.

A load of people on social media are now going nuts at Amanda for making a joke in bad taste, especially those who are still unconvinced about her innocence:

Well I think that reaction is a little bit unfair? I mean yeah OK the joke is a little distasteful and reeks of attention-seeking, but if you consider that Amanda really is innocent, then there’s nothing wrong with making light of a terrible thing that happened to her. Being jailed for 4 years in a foreign country for something you didn’t do is a nightmare experience, even without the global witch hunt that went along with it. She has a right to crack jokes and carry on celebrating her freedom years later, doesn’t she?

Or maybe she just has a book or something to promote, I don’t know. It is a bit weird to take a hot topic like the Presidential election and somehow make it about you, especially right now when people are still super tense as they await the outcome. Like I said though – she always came off a bit quirky, guilty or not.

It was only last April that Amanda Knox faced similar backlash for sharing a #MeAt20 photo of the year she was accused of Meredith’s murder. Can’t we just let the girl live?


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