Amanda Holden’s Risqué Dress On ‘Britain’s Got Talent’ Sparked 235 Complaints To Ofcom

Not again.

In the past couple of weeks, Ofcom have been receiving a whole bunch of complaints about Britain’s Got Talent due to their promotion of the Black Lives Matter movement, so it’s nice to see them return to more conventional problem this week having received 235 phone calls about Amanda Holden’s dress.

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Fans weren’t impressed with Holden’s choice of a plunging dark blue gown for the third semi final over the weekend with many of them stating that it left her nipples out for everyone to see. Looking at the dress, yeah, it is kinda sexy and low cut but I can’t believe that anyone would actually waste their time phoning up Ofcom to complain about something like this – what is there even to complain about?

Just let the woman dress how she wants FFS and enjoy the show. Surely something like this can’t have upset people so much that they actually want to make a formal complaint about it?

The reaction on Twitter was fairly mixed with people saying that Amanda looked a bit naughty and distracting and most people saying that anyone calling her out for what she was wearing was a complete and utter loser. I’m definitely on the side of the former group.

Yeah, I’m definitely in the second camp but you’ve gotta think that Amanda Holden knows what she’s doing here and is trying to maximise the attention that BGT is getting through what she wears and how she acts. In my eyes there’s nothing wrong with that though and I don’t get why everyone has to get so pissy about it? Just let her be.

In fact, here is Amanda Holden saying that she flashes her boobs on purpose for BGT. Maybe everyone was right to complain?


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