Amanda Holden Puts 5G Conspiracy Behind Her As She Shares Garden Bikini Pic On Instagram

The caption she used was pure filth.

People have been pretty rude to Amanda Holden since she shared a petition directed at the government this week titled ‘The Government: NO TO 5G!!!!’.

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Amanda deleted the Tweet and her management put out a statement saying she shared it by accident, but people were still calling her a tinfoil hat wearing crazy person. 

Well Amanda Holden has been in this game long enough to know how you change the conversation altogether – by posting a bikini shot of herself sunbathing in the garden during lockdown. Get a load of the caption she used – pure filth:

Simple as that. Amanda Holden may not get mentioned in the same lists as Jennifer Aniston, Elizabeth Hurley, J-Lo, and all the other women around the 50 mark who still look amazing. But people forget she’s still a certified MILF. So just remember that next time you try to make fun of her for sharing 5G conspiracy theories online. 

OK she’s not quite at that age where she can pretend to be useless at technology but maybe these accidental shares do happen, if you’re willing to give the benefit of the doubt. Let’s all put it behind us the way Amanda Holden has and move on with our lives.

For the time Amanda won ‘Rear Of The Year’ in 2019, click HERE. Very prestigious stuff.

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