Amanda Bynes Found Wandering The Streets Of LA Naked In The Midst Of A Psychotic Episode

The former child star has been placed on ‘psychiatric hold’.

Amanda Bynes was one of the brightest young prospects in TV and film throughout the 90s and 00s, starting as a child star for Nickelodeon and eventually landing her very own The Amanda Show from 1999 – 2002.

Like many child stars, Bynes struggled massively with drug use and various mental health/personal problems, and was even under a Britney-style conservatorship for 9 years up until 2022. Well it looks as though things have taken a turn for the worse again, with TMZ reporting that Amanda was found roaming the streets of LA naked and calling for help, before waving down a car and calling 911 herself.

Poor Amanda Bynes, and really, poor every other child star that gets too famous too young and then goes irreparably off the rails. Amanda went from all-American sweetheart actress…

To emo 36-year-old with face tattoos…

What’s really unsettling is that she’s been receiving professional treatment since 2014 and was even under a conservatorship for all that time, and still hasn’t recovered from these manic episodes. It just sucks to see this sort of thing happen to so many American child stars who all end up telling the same stories – that they were overworked as children, taken advantage of by their parents, sexualised by creepy industry types, and given fame, drugs and alcohol at far too young an age. I’m sure there are a lot more safeguards in place nowadays but still, you wonder if enough is being done to protect the child stars of today from going down a similar path to Amanda, Britney, Aaron Carter, River Phoenix etc.

Here’s hoping Amanda Bynes gets the help she needs. To hear Justin Bieber talk about being completely f–ked in the head from hard drugs, fame and too much $$$, click HERE.


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