Justin Bieber Talks About Being Completely F-cked In The Head From Hard Drugs, Fame & $$$

Another screwed up child star.

It’s no secret that every single child star out there eventually gets completely screwed in the head. It’s not just one or two of them, it’s every single one from Maculay Culkin to Britney to Michael Jackson to Corey Feldman to Miley Cyrus to Amanda Bynes (especially Amanda Bynes) etc.

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Every single one of those stories involves a child star struggling to deal with the pressures of fame and getting addicted to sex/money/drugs/alcohol/all of the above. One person who has recently gone through it all is our old pal Justin Bieber, who shared this super honest Instagram note detailing how he went off the rails:

We’ve taken the piss out of Bieber big time since pretty much the beginning of Sick Chirpse but have to admit he’s summed it up pretty well there. There’s just no way to prepare for superstardom and everything that comes with it especially when you’re just a kid. He never learnt the basic lessons/responsibilities of life and basically had an unlimited bank balance and freedom to do whatever the hell he liked while fans/stalkers/girls/paparazzi followed his every move. It’s probably been even worse for him coming up in the age of social media.

Let’s hope Bieber can keep on the straight and narrow from now on but also kinda hope he doesn’t because we’re always after good content to blog about. I mean it wasn’t that long ago he legit wanted to fight Tom Cruise so it’s clear he’s still got a bit of that crazy streak in him. Time will tell…


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