You Can Now See All The Photographs Your Mate’s Liked On Facebook


Facebook continues to roll out more options that we don’t really want or need that are going to affect your privacy and how you use it (although in fairness the basketball game on messenger is actually pretty cool) with a new feature that will allow you to see all the photographs that your mates have ever liked on the platform. Of course, they can also see yours, so it might be time to get unliking some of those ones of your friend’s ex girlfriend.

To access this new feature is completely and utterly easy. All you have to do is type ‘photographs liked by me’ or ‘photographs liked by Boaty McBoatface/whoever’ into the toolbar and they’ll appear.

Photos Liked By Me

Photos Liked By .....

And that’s it. Completely easy. Happy searching – hope you don’t find anything too weird.

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