You Can Now Play Basketball On Facebook Messenger

Facebook Messenger Basketball

Here’s how.

Facebook messenger just rolled out an update and added a cool little basketball game into it too that’s actually pretty addictive and a great way to kill time. It also has the added bonus of really pissing off whoever you’re messaging because they’ll really want to beat your high score but probably won’t have the patience to do it. Honestly, I’ve just been doing it to my flatmate and it’s great.

If you wanna get in on the action, this is all you gotta do. Five simple steps, that’s it amigo:

Step One

Update the Messenger app on your phone.

Step Two

Send the ‘basketball emoji’ to the person who you want to annoy.

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Step Three

Click on the basketball.

Step Four

Start hitting those three pointers like you’re Michael Jordan.


Step Five

Shove their faces in it.


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And there you have it. Be warned though this is seriously addictive, so if you’re planning on doing anything in the next few hours don’t bother downloading this. Seriously, you won’t get anything done at all.

If you get bored of that though, you could always play chess in Facebook messenger instead.


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