All 12 Members Of A British Family Are Dead After Going To Syria To Join ISIS

What did they expect?

One of the dumbest phenomenons of recent times involves British people travelling to Syria to join ISIS and then finding it to be completely shit and either wanting to return to this country or ending up dead. What did they think was going to happen?

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The pointlessness and tragedy of the endeavour can be illustrated perfectly by the Mannan family, who decided to travel to Syria in May 2015 to join the Islamic State. Three year have now passed and all 12 members who travelled have been pronounced dead.

75 year old Muhammed’s son said the following to MailOnline:

They are all dead.

It’s over, finished. We had been trying to find out for some time what had happened to them and it was only confirmed to us recently from Syria.

It’s a tragic end and we have drawn a line under it all and are now trying to get on with our lives.

Three of the young men died fighting for the terrorist group. My parents died in Raqqa after falling ill and not being able to receive the proper treatment.

The rest of my family perished in an air strike as ISIS finally fell.

From what we’ve been told they were trying to get away from Baghouz and make their way to a camp, like so many other people were trying to do at the time but there was a lot of bombing going on and they got caught up in this.

They were all together, that’s all we know. We are not sure if they were in a house or out in the open but the fact is that they are all dead. The details of how they actually died don’t really matter to me.

That’s sad sure, but I can’t really have much sympathy for people who head over to ISIS in an attempt to take over the world and destroy the western way of existence. I’m also perplexed how they actually thought that going and joining a terrorist group was going to be a better way of life than what they were currently accustomed to over here. It’s just not going to be anything but awful and really dangerous so you know, you made your bed and now you gotta sleep in it. Sorry dude.

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