Watch Alec Baldwin Full On Lose It With A Member Of The Paparazzi

Alec Baldwin Loses It Photographer

Can you blame him?

It’s often said that the price of fame is that everywhere you go people are going to be following you around taking photographs of you. Unfortunately if you want to make it then that’s what you’re going to have to deal with. A lot of people can’t though.

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Alec Baldwin is one of those people and his psychotic rants and fights with the paparazzi are legendary. He’s been fairly quietly recently, but on Tuesday it only took one innocent looking dude taking photographs of him and his wife Hilaria for him to full on lose it and go on an expletive laden rant right in his face. Meanwhile, the guy just shrugged his shoulders and probably said something like “it’s just my job dude, gimme a break.”

Oh yeah, make sure you turn the sound up because it’s kind of quiet as it’s filmed pretty far away:

Wow. Meltdown central. I suppose you can’t really blame celebrities for getting angry about people following them around all the time taking pictures, but then again like I said it’s what they sign up for in the current climate really isn’t it?

In fairness to Baldwin there have been way worse outbursts than this, even in his own career. Remember when Justin Bieber punched a member of the paparazzi though?


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